Casa Sampieri


Casa Sampieri
A charming villa in a scenic Sicilian fishing village, Casa Sampieri makes you feel like you are living in a film.
3 BR
Catania 128Km
villa concierge
Air condition
pets welcome
near a beach
In town


On the south-eastern coast of Sicily, close the the famous baroque towns of Noto, Ragusa and Syracuse lies the charming seaside village of Sampieri. Until a decade ago Sampieri was a small fishing village. Today there are still few stubborn fishermen, but the main economic activities have become agriculture and tourism. It is a charming village inhabited by less than a thousand people and has been filmed in numerous movies as well as a popular Italian television series called Montalbano.

The beach of Sampieri is one of the most beautiful in Sicily, with crystal clear sea, golden sand and is accompanied by a unique view of the Fornace Penna, a wonderful ruin of industrial archeology that ideally closes Sampieri and its beach. The long beach extends 2 kilometers and is protected by a long row of dunes and a pine forest. Located along the beach are several beach establishments as well as a restaurant. Further past this beach is another more natural and isolated beach which is definitely worth the walk.

The village is interesting with well-kept buildings and a pretty historic center which consists of a maze of paved streets that develop along the promenade. It has all of the necessary conveniences such as the nice cafés, a bakery, a small supermarket, as well as a drug store. It is on this promenade tucked away in a niche between other seafront buildings, you will find the charming freestanding home called Casa Sampieri.

Discovered in 2021 by a Milanese architect and his Sicilian wife, the derelict house soon became a labor of love. The home was full of typical features including floors in locally made cementine as well as a local lava stone. The interiors recuperate the charming character and is decorated with designer furniture as well as local antiques.

The house has 3 double or twin bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 of which are ensuite and one in the corridor.

The ground floor living room has a large sofa and wicker armchairs. For centuries the open square in front of the house has been used by residents as a place to sit and say hello to passing neighbors. You too can take advantage of this tradition as the living room armchairs are perfect to position outside to sit and enjoy an aperitif. It is a great way to meet the locals, all while taking in the view of the sea which is directly in front of the home only 40m away.

The large fully equipped kitchen with a dining table, opens onto a private airy courtyard on the back of the house which has an additional dining table. Between plants of bougainvillea, jasmine and rosemary is a sofa, hammock, and outdoor private shower making the space a type of oasis.
A large dining room, can seat 8-12 people suited for indoor dining if by a slim chance the weather would not permit you to dine outside. A staircase in the kitchen leads you upstairs to a laundry area with washing machine, drying rack, iron, and ironing board.

Parking is available next to and behind the home.

Casa Sampieri is definitely off the beaten track and the village is still quaint and friendly. All in all, a stay in this location will allow you to feel part of the true Sicily, and most definitely leave you relaxed and delighted by its way of life.

• Freestanding home on the seafront in Sampieri whish is aften featured in Italian films and Tv shows
• Living room has wicker furniture which can be taken onto the seafront facing patio to enjoy an
evening aperitivo
• A small beach is directly in front of the house (40m).
• 120 meters from the home is a long beach (2km) with restaurants and beach establishments.
• Shady courtyard with outdoor living area and dining table
• Courtyard features and outdoor shower
• Steps away from small grocery, bar, butcher, several restaurants, fruit stand, hairdressers and a bar for coffee.
• Completely restored interiors with historic details and a clean modern look using local sourced materials
• Living room with spacious seating and Smart tv
• Kitchen includes all appliances except for microwave. The counter tops are made from lava stone directly
from Etna.
• Three double bedrooms
• Beautiful bathrooms with high end finishing


• A/C in all bedrooms
• Wi-Fi throughout the property
• Smart TV 55”, with Netflix, Prime Video, Google TV, Rai Play, You Tube
• Bluetooth speaker
• Washing machine
• Iron and ironing board
• Alarm system
• Bathrooms feature soap dispensers in showers
• Hair dryers in each bathroom
• 100% coton percall sheets, feather pillows and aloe vera memory pillows
Staff | Service included
• There will be housekeeping service on Tuesday and Thursday.
• Linen change on Saturdays if guests occupy the villa from longer than one week
• Personel working for the villa can help organize visits to other cities or towns as well as wineries or other
excursions that might be of interest.
Staff | Service on request
• Guests are welcome to book a professional chef or local cook for as many meals as they require. It is best to arrange this in advance.
• Additional linen change is available at an additional fee and can take place when housekeeping is performed.
• Additional maid service


To receive the floor plans of this villa contact Katharina or Gaia at
• Modica 19 km - 28 min
• Scicli 10 km – 15 min• Noto 42km - 45 min
• Ibla 39km - 45 min
• Ragusa 38 km - 43 min
• Natural reserve and Oasis of Vendicari 47 - 51min
• Syracuse 73 km – 1 hour drive
• Piazza Armerina 128 km - 1 hour and 55 min
• Catania 128km - 1 hour 30 min
Things to do
• What to see in Sampieri? In addition to the beaches and the historic center, characterized by low houses that develop in the narrow streets with stone pebbles, we recommend you visit the Villa of the barons Penna in the Trippatore district but above all the Fornace Penna in Punta Pisciotto, which the locals affectionately call “Ô Pisciuottu”. Built in 1909 on a project by the engineer Ignazio Emmolo, the furnace, when it was in operation, was one of the most advanced factories in all of Southern Italy, inside which bricks were produced and exported throughout the Mediterranean. Destroyed in 1924 due to arson, today it is a fascinating ruin of industrial archeology that dominates the entire coast of Sampieri.
• Nothing can prepare you to your first view of the enchanted, languorous, little town of Scicli, located just 15 minutes away from Casa Sampieri. Take a walk in its central pedestrian street, via Mormino Penna, paved with pale, shiny stones that have the same colour as the palazzos left and right.
• Ragusa. With few cars, stone streets and views over the hillside, the town looks like a film set and often serves as one – many scenes from the Inspector Montalbano series. Ragusa is another city built over two hills. Ancient Ibla dates back to medieval times whilst the new Baroque Ragusa was built after 1693. The San Giorgio Duomo, the Circolo de Conversazione and the San Giuseppe Duomo are just a few of these beautiful baroque buildings that you will see as you walk from the Duomo to the magnificent Giardino Ibleo with its stunning views over the valley.
• Modica. The main street runs along the bottom of a ravine on which the town has been built. This divides the town into two parts. On the older part of the city, lanes and alleyways lead to the high part of the town. The town’s two baroque churches stand out amidst these beautiful buildings . The Duomo San Giorgio is the home of one of Modica’s patron saints, celebrated each year on April 23 with a joyful parade around the streets of Modica culminating with fireworks, whilst further along the main road, a set of magnificent stairs leads you to another, the Duomo di San Pietro. In the evening, join the locals for a « passeggiata » along the main street, Corso Umberto, and stop at the chocolate shops for which Modica is famous. When chocolate was discovered in the new world it was first brought back to Modica, where it was made cold so that the sugar did not melt. Northern Europeans later added heat and milk to the process but the old technique is still used here. Once you get over the initial graininess the chocolate has a rich, lingering flavour. Try the bars of the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto
• Noto is perhaps the most complete baroque town in the area. The stone used in it’s grand baroque style buildings, a soft tufa stone, has a unique pink colour giving it a special glow under the sun. The decorative details on the facades and balconies that line the streets behind Corso Vittorio Emanuele exemplify Sicilian baroque architecture at its best. Curved balconies, complete with wrought iron decoration and held up by grinning masks, lion heads or putti. Once a year, the Infiorata di Noto ensures the street is covered in flowers but at any other time, take a walk up this street to see some of the beautiful features that exemplify baroque architecture. Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata with its grotesque balconies is a prefect example.
• Syracuse is nearly 3,000 years old and during Ancient Greek times was one of the centres of the Mediterranean. The city was all but destroyed in 1693 by an earthquake that shook the bones of the whole island, but was rebuilt soon afterwards in glorious baroque style that remains mostly untouched. This is particularly the case on Ortigia, Syracuse’s old town set on a teardrop-shaped island connected to the mainland by a couple of road bridges. In the summer the place must sweat and heave: its tiny cobbled streets and perfect square are the kind that make postcard-sellers plan a new kitchen.
• Natural reserve and Oasis of Vendicari - Large, picturesque nature reserve & birdwatching destination with walking trails & beach access.
• Piazza Armerina is a charming town known for its Norman Palio, an annual summer pageant of medieval events, but the major attraction is its ancient Roman villa. Located a few kilometers outside town, the Villa Romana del Casale was built in the 4th century AC and is home to the richest, largest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world. Depicting scenes from daily life, such as hunting, the mosaics are as remarkable for their sociological value as for their artistry.
• And for visitors interested in Hellenic art and architecture, Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples are a definite must-see
• Of course, the absolute must for any nature lover is a foray into the Etna Regional Park, one of the largest and most bewitching in Italy. The undisputed landmark of the island and one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Etna has been since the Antiquity an object of awe and veneration, as well as the subject of countless myths and observations by Greeks, Celts and Romans. A guided tour of this majestic and legendary mountain – now a UNESCO World Heritage site – is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences you can have during your Sicilian holiday
To receive a complete overview of activities and sightseeing in the area, contact Katharina or Gaia at We will promptly email you an exhaustive document.

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