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How We Work


Rates include a commission for travel professionals.

Rates are  by the week (unless specified differently) and generally include utilities, insurance, all journey or tourism taxes if applicable, pre-arrival cleaning and setup, staff, bed linen and towel changes, post-stay cleaning and laundry, regular garden and pool maintenance.

Excellence.villas has agreed the rates together with the owners. We want to avoid the villa being offered at different prices by different agencies. You should not be able to find the villas represented by excellence.villas at a lower rate on the market. Should this however occur, we would be thankful if you could inform us.


Please contact us if you have an enquiry. We will respond within 24 hours with availabilities.


Your client will sign a contract with the villa owner. excellence.villas and you as a travel agency act as intermediaries.


a. General or Preliminary Inquiries
When you send us an enquiry, we will confirm availabilities within 24 hours. Typically, it may take several days for a potential client to decide on their travel plans.
b. Options
If a prospective client is serious about booking specific weeks, please ask us to confirm definite availability for specific weeks and to hold this request on OPTION. Once we have confirmed availability, we will hold (and guarantee) the OPTION for 7 days. It is possible to have a longer option if you are certain that your client is serious about booking the property.
c. Confirmation
Once the clients’ reservation is definite (within the 7 day option period), we will confirm your booking by email. We will guarantee the availability of the property until the contract is signed and the first down payment is made. We can discuss if the client sends the down payment to you or to the owner directly. If the deposit has not been received within 10 days, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, without penalty to excellence.villas. Following receipt of a client’s deposit, excellence.villas will send a booking confirmation to you by email, at which time the cancellation policy will apply.
d. Preparing the client’s experience
Our main aim is to create an outstanding experience for your client. Ideally we would like you to agree to a one time direct contact with your client so as to determine in advance the client’s habits, needs, tastes and expectancies. We believe that providing the owner with detailed information on the client and his group will help the owner create an unforgettable experience. Many owners have told us that they have been lacking this information in the past. We are happy to discuss this unusual approach with you further.


The booking and cancellation policies of the owners apply and will be stated in the contract. excellence.villas will send the travel agent a copy of the contract on request, at any stage of the enquiry.

Owner exceptions: Under only the most exceptional circumstances (for instance, when a group of clients is prevented from traveling due to serious illness, pregnancy, family death or war/terrorism), it is assumed that the possibility to reschedule the stay (typically for the following year) will be entirely at the owner’s discretion. excellence.villas will notify the owner of all cancellations immediately and in writing.

If for any reason the owner is unable to make the property available to excellence.villas’ clients according to the confirmed reservation, the owner will reimburse all monies paid by the client for the stay.


We rarely encounter damages and those that occur are typically minor breakages of kitchenware. As a precaution,  guests are required to leave a security deposit via credit card pre-authorisation (the amount varies from house to house) with excellence.villas. As a general rule damages that are identified prior to the guests’ departure should be discussed on the premises before the guest’s departure so as to confirm responsibility and costs. Guest can then decide whether the appropriate amounts should be deducted from the security deposit or settled on the spot. If necessary staff can approach us to discuss the damages in question before guest’s departure, and from there we will manage the conversation with the guests.

If the damages are to be deducted from the security deposit the owner will provide a receipt for repairs or items replaced. Damages that were not discussed prior to the guests’ departure cannot be billed for.


Pools are open and useable during mid and high season stays, according to the geographical area (usually from mid May to end of September). If this is not possible, the client will be informed before confirming the booking. Generally, but not always, pool heating fees are included in the rental rate. Details will be provided upon booking.


Guest related problems should primarily be managed by the owner or villa manager. However, excellence.villas will immediately be contacted by the owner if any issue arises between the staff and the guests. excellence.villas will keep you (travel agent) informed. excellence.villas staff is specifically trained to find positive solutions to guest-related problems.


We hope this document conveys a sense of the attention to detail that we provide to every guest’s stay. Regardless of the destination, our goal is to guarantee a consistently exceptional experience. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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